Category  Quantity (kg per household)  Price (₹ per kg)
 Antodaya Anna Yojana (AAY)

35 kg
2.5 kg

 ₹ 3 
 ₹ 2
 ₹ 1
 Coarse Grain
 ₹ 20
 Pulses (Daal) 

5 kg (per person)
Rice, Wheat and Coarse Grain (combined)
2.5 kg (per person)

 ₹ 3  Rice
 ₹ 2  Wheat 
 ₹ 1  Coarse Grain
 ₹ 20 Pulses (Daal)

Rural Areas
Excluded Households: 
Own motorized three/four wheelers 
Own mechanized three/four wheeler agricultural equipments 
Any member as government employee 
With non-agricultural enterprises registered with Government 
With any member earning more than Rs. 10,000 per month 
Pay income tax 
Pay professional tax 
Three or more rooms with pucca walls and pucca roof 
Own 2.5 acres or more irrigated land with at least one irrigation equipment 
Own 5 acres or more land irrigated for two or more crop seasons 
Own 7.5 acres or more land with at least one irrigation equipment

Urban Areas
Excluded Households:

Own concrete roof three rooms (self owned) and more
Own following assets:
    • Two wheeler
    • Refrigerator
    • Washing machine 
Own for wheeler or AC 
With any member in a Government job 
With any member having a Non-Agriculture enterprise registered with the Government 
With any member paying income tax 
With any member paying professional tax 
With any member earning an income of more than Rs. 20,000 per month
Electricity connection above 2KW

Included Households:

Beggar | Rag Picker
Domestic Workers
Street vendor | cobbler | hawker | other service provider working on street 
Construction worker | plumber | mason | labour | painter | welder | security guard | coolie and other head load worker 
Sweeper sanitation worker | mali (Gardener
Home based worker | artisan | handicraft worker  | tailor 
Transport worker | driver | conductor | helper to drivers and conductors/rickshaw puller 
Shop worker | assistant | peon in small establishment | helper | delivery assistant | attendant | waiter 
Electrician | mechanic | assembler | repair worker
Washerman | chowkidar

Ration Shops


Minister (Department of Food and Consumer Protection)
Secretary  (Department of Food and Consumer Protection)
Deputy Secretaries (Department of Food and Consumer Protection)
Head Office (Department of Food and Consumer Protection)
District Supply Officers (Department of Food and Consumer Protection)

Members of Parliament - Lok Sabha | Rajya Sabha


Call toll free 1800-3456-194

Food and Consumer Protection Department (Government of Bihar)


State Consumer Helpline: 1800 345 6188


For expert assistance and to contact other members of the state campaign, please write to 

Rupesh at


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