Category QuantityPrice (₹ per kg)
 Antodaya Anna Yojana (AAY)

 35 kgs per household
 ₹ 3 Rice
 ₹ 2 Wheat

 Priority 5 kgs per person
 (wheat and rice combined)
 ₹ 3 Rice
 ₹ 2 Wheat


Rural Areas

A.  Exclusion criteria: households possessing one or more of the following will be excluded. All other households who are in SECC 2011 will be listed as priority households.

1. Households owing three or four wheeler motorized vehicles or mechanized fishing boats
2. Households with any one member who is a government employee
3. Any member of the household earning more than Rs. 10,000/- per month
4. Any member in the household is paying Income Tax or Professional Tax
5. Households owning 5 acres of irrigated land – taking two crops or more a year
6. Households owning 7.5 acres or more land with one irrigation equipment

B. Inclusion Criteria
All adult earning members are infirm, suffer from a grave illness, or are aged over 65 years will be automatically included regardless of any exclusion criteria applying to them.

 Urban Areas:

Households where any one of the following are true will be automatically included

1. Residential vulnerability: Homeless, walls and roof made of plastic or polythene sheets : grass, kutcha huts, bamboo, cowdung, sticks or one room huts,
2. Occupational vulnerability: Households with no source of income or any of members of which is engaged in a vulnerable occupation like beggar/rag picker, domestic worker and sweeper/sanitation worker/mali or persons employed in irregular work, daily wagers or informal workers
3. Social Vulnerability: Households which do not have an able-bodied person aged between 18 and 60 years or if all earning adult members in the household are either disabled, chronically ill or aged more than 65 years

Ration Card

  • The above criteria for priority households will be applied to existing ration card holders
  • Oldest Adult woman member will be listed as head of household. If the oldest adult woman is less than 18, then the oldest male member above 18 e yrs of age will be listed as head of household
  • Existing ration card holders now identified as priority households, would bear a stamp of priority.

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HC asks to curb graft in issuing bar coded ration cards (The Times of India, 12 April 2015)

Gujarat’s millet production falls drastically (Paul John, The Times of India, 8 April 2015)