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Initiatives by the Central and State Governments to ensure food security during COVID19 first wave

Child Stunting (%)


Public Distribution System Rations

Children’s and Women’s nutrition

Social Pensions

Employment Guarantee

Registered Unorganised Workers

Community Kitchens


All India (central government)


5 kg free foodgrain and 1 kg dal to those with ration cards for three months

Supplementary nutrition rations for children under six, pregnant and lactating women at home or compensatory food security allowance

Rs 1000 for social pensioners in two instalments over 3 months 

Nothing additional

Rs 100 per homeless person  to states to feed three meals a day  in night shelters 

Rs 1500 in Jan Dhan account in two instalments over 3 months



Advance distribution of ration for April and May

Biometric authentication for ration distribution suspended. OTP and mobile numbers to be used instead

Home delivery of dry ration for anganwadi children 

Full wage payment for lockdown period for registered daily wage workers

Free dal bhat kendras in every panchayat

Free food from existing dal-bhat kendras

Rs 10,000 to every village mukhiya to distribute to eligible families with pending applications for ration cards to provide rice at Re1/kilo procured from local markets.



1 month free ration

₹1000 per eligible ration card is to be deposited into their bank accounts

Dry ration for all anganwandi children

Three months advance pensions 

Shelter homes for the inbound migrants at the borders

Migrants outside Bihar to receive Rs 1000 from CM relief fund

10 community kitchens in Delhi 

Madhya Pradesh


Free ration for one month to BPL households

Home delivery of ready-to-eat food by self-help groups

₹1000/- one time payment to registered workers.

One time payments of ₹2000/- to Baiga, Sahariya and Bhariya families

Free food to homeless and destitute people

Uttar Pradesh


Free food grains for 2 months in advance only to widows, old age and handicapped pensioners 

Food grains free of cost for labourers, MGNREGA card holders, Antyodaya scheme and daily wage workers


Rs 1,000 grant to 3.5 lakh daily wage labourers and construction workers through bank accounts



Free advance ration for 2 months

Panchayat to identify needy families and distribute dry rations from PDS

Dry rations for anganwadi children and for 40 days for school children

NREGA works to open with safety of workers               agricultural labourers 7555/month or Rs 352 per day

Rs 1,000 grant to 3.5 lakh daily wage labourers and construction workers through bank accounts

Free cooked food to caretakers of patients admitted in government hospitals.

Beggars, destitutes to get food packets from NGOs

Rice for migrant labourers



Dry ration, including 5 kg wheat, 0.5 kg oil, 0.5 kg salt, 1 kg pulse and 1 kg rice, available to all without demanding any paper or money.

Door-to-door delivery of take home ration for anganwadi children

2 months welfare pension in advance

One-time payment of Rs 1000 to 25 lakh construction workers and registered street vendors

Urban labourers not covered under PDS, to be provided free food packets



Home delivery of cooked food for pregnant, lactating women and children under six years in tribal areas. Supply of eggs and bananas to weak children

MDM cost to be transferred in account of students (primary and Upper primary)

Community kitchens in only 9 schools of Mumbai.

Food packets for only 6000 homeless

Shiv Bhojan Thalis at Rs 5 instead of rs 10 but not free

Panchayat fund to be

used for provision of

food and shelter to

families in need

Schools as shelter homes for migrants



2 months ration to all ration card holders to be given in advance

Supply of rice, egg, and chikkies (jaggery and groundnut cakes) for all working days till March 31. 2.100 grams rice per day for the students studying first to fifth class and 150 grams rice for those studying fifth to tenth class will be distributed with the help of gram volunteers

Rs 1000 per family for ration card holders

Food packets to be provided to daily wage workers affected by


All Govt and Private

establishments to pay

full salaries for the

period of lockdown to

both permanent and

contractual workers



Home delivery of 3 months advance ration for both NFSA and state ration cards

The selection and appointment process of 2590 Women SHGs in place of private Fair Price Shops 

Biometric scanning has been waived off.

Dry ration, for pre-school and school children and pregnant/nursing women.

Eggs shall also be distributed on a weekly basis monitored by members of mothers and Jaanch Committees. 

Home delivery of four month pension in advance to 48 lakh social security pension beneficiaries  

Safety guidelines for NREGA works 

₹3000/- to each registered 65000 street vendors.

Hot cooked food to around 10 lakh sick and destitutes in all Panchayats

Rs 60 per adult per day and Rs 45 per child per da

Financial assistance of Rs 1000 to each 94 lakh households covered under PDS

Andhra Pradesh


Free ration for April with 1 Kg toor daal to be delivered to BPL ration card holders

₹1000/ one-time support to all BPL ration card families 

Supply of rice, egg, and chikkies (jaggery and groundnut cakes) for all working days till March 31. 2.100 grams rice per day for the students studying first to fifth class and 150 grams rice for those studying fifth to tenth class will be distributed with the help of gram volunteers

Door delivery of  social pensions from to 58 lakh beneficiaries including widows, elderly and differently-abled

Rice and Red Gram dal to NGOs running Old Age Homes during lockdown period

West Bengal


Free ration for 6 months to those who get subsidised ration under PDS, maximum of 5 kg of grains per person

2 kg of rice and potato per month would be handed over to guardians

Food and shelter for migrant workers



One month free ration to all BPL families as per their entitlements, mustard oil and 1 kg sugar.

Dry ration to school children and children registered in AWCs till these places are closed

Registered workers will receive Rs 4,500 per month on weekly basis starting March 30 as DBT


Daily wagers may  register on a portal to receive Rs. 1000 per week.

Coronavirus patients would get free hospitalisation whether in government or private hospitals



12 kg of Rice per

person for 14 lakh white ration cardholders and Rs 1500 in banks. 

One time income support of for

ration card holders.


Full wage payments to

permanent and contractual workers for

lockdown period.

Free hot cooked meal under Annapurna centres. Akshay patra to help in this.

3,40,000 migrant workers availed the 12 kg rice and Rs 500 benefit



Foodgrains free of cost and 50 percent  increase in quantity for ration card holders - 7.5 kg free ration to 72 lakh beneficiaries for one month. 

Double pension for

widows, differently-abled

and elderly for March

Rs. 5000 to 8.5 lakh wage labourers and construction workers by 7th April, 2020

Free Lunch and Dinner for anybody approaching government run night shelters

Tamil Nadu


All the ration card-holders would get ₹1000 and free rice, dal, cooking oil and sugar. Construction workers and autorickshaw drivers will get 15 kg of rice, 1 kg of dal and 1 kg of cooking oil

MGNREGA workers will get a two-day special salary



Free food and medicines for the needy

Food grains of mid-day-meal in sealed packets to student’s homes

Immediate relief of Rs 3,000 to each registered construction worker

Punjab police distribute 1.5 lakh dry food packets to needy


Deposit money in student's account


Anganwadi rations to the doors of beneficiaries’ homes

Cash transfers of Rs 1000 to unregistered workers in Labour Department

Himachal Pradesh


Ration including flour and rice for two months will be given to targeted public distribution system card holders

Distribution of take-home-ration

First quarter social security pension to widows and differently-abled will be provided in the first week of April.

 About 105,000 workers registered with the Building and Construction Workers Board will be provided Rs 2,000 as one-time relief



Free provisions to all ration cardholders in the state. BPL cardholders would get an additional 35 kgs of rice free next month. Other cardholders including those above the poverty line (APL) and those holding non priority cards would get upto 15 kg of rice free. Govt would give free provision kits to those under home quarantine irrespective of their income status.

Dry ration to three lakh pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, along with two lakh adolescent girls and 4.75 lakhs children below the age of three in AWCs. 

Advance payment of

pensions for the month

of April. 


Rs. 1000 per family pension for families not covered under earlier schemes

Employment guarantee in April-May

Consumer loans to those impacted by Covid-19.


Village employment

assurance programme for April and May.

Subsidised Meals (at Rs. 20)

Plans to launch

restaurants which will

provide meals at Rs 20.