Old Age Above 60 years of age without any adequate means of support
Resident of the National Capital Territory (NCT) for at least 5 years
Annual family income less than ₹60,000
Has a 'singly operated' bank or post account (except for mentally challenged or under legal guardianship)
Shall not be in receipt of any other pension or financial assistance
Persons with Special Needs
- Blindness
- Low vision
- Leprosy cured
- Impairment locomotor
- Disability

- Cerebral palsy
- Autism
- Mental illness
Less than 60 years
Family income less than ₹75,000 per year
Resident of NCT of Delhi for atleast 5 years
Disability not less than 40 percent 
Disability certificate by a government hospital
Has a ‘single operated’ bank/post account (except for minor, mentally challenged persons under legal guardianship)
Family Benefit Deceased bread earner between 18-64 years
Family income less than 60,000 per year
Resident of NCT of Delhi for 5 years
Has 'singly-operated' bank/post office account (except for minors, mentally challenged persons under legal guardianship)
Leprosy PatientsLeprosy patients residing in NCT of Delhi before 1993 

 Type Pension
Old Age 
60-69 years  ₹1000 per month

 Four installments
70 years ₹1500 per month

 Four installments

Persons with Special needs1000 per month in four installments (on reaching 60 years, automatically transferred to Old Age scheme)
Family BenefitOne time assistance of 10,000
Leprosy patients1800 per month per family 

 TypeSupplementary DocumentsSupplementary Documents 
Old Age Proof of Residence (any one)
Ration Card
Voter I Card
Driving Licence
Birth Certificate
Death Certificate
Insurance policy document
Immunization card 
Medical records of treatment in Delhi
Electricity Bill
Water Bill
Telephone Bill
Gas connection Receipt
Bank passbook
Caste Certificate
Student I Card
Service I Card
Property document

Family income self declaration 

Attest Form and documents by a Gazetted Officer

Proof of Age (any one)
Birth Certificate
School leaving certificate 10th certificate
Hospital discharge slip
Driving licence
PAN Card
Ration Card
Voter Card
Immunization Card
Age assessment certificate
Any government document with date and birthplace

If no resident proof, then statements of any two witnesses
MP of the area
President or Secretary of RWA
Neighbours (Two)
SHG's / Mahila Mandals President
ICDS Supervisor/ ASHA
Gazetted Officer

Persons with Special NeedsProof of residence (Any one of the following)
Same as above and
Freedom Fighter I Card
Pension Document
Ex-Servicemen dependent certificate

Disability Certificate from government hospital

Family income self declaration

Attest Form and documents by a Gazetted Officer

If no resident proof, then same as above

Photo I Card of the witness showing their residence proof as well

Inform of any address change

Family BenefitProof of residence (Any one)
Same as above

Family income self declaration

Proof of death (Any one)

    Death certificate
    Receipt by cremation ground/graveyard
    Certificate issued by hospital of death
    Certificate of Block Development Officer (death outside         Delhi)
    Post Mortem report

Attest Form and documents by a Gazetted Officer 

Proof of age of deceased (Any one)
Birth Certificate
School leaving Certificate
Hospital Discharge slip 
Driving licence
PAN card
Ration card
Voter card
Medical certificate
Immunization card

If no resident proof, then same as above

Photo I card of the witness showing their residence proof as well
Leprosy patientsSame as persons with special needsSame as persons with special needs


Old Age Application Form
Special Needs Application Form
Family Benefit  Application Form
Eligible/entitled persons and households submit the applications directly to the GRC-SKs. After necessary scrutiny and verifications, the GRC-SKs submit the applications in the the Dy. Commissioner (DMU/DRC) who submits them to the area Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) /Members of Parliament (MPs) for recommendation within a period of 30 days and then send the cases back to the Office of Deputy Commissioner for taking further action. If its is not received back within this period, it shall be presumed that there is no objection to the sanctioning of the entitlements.

Alternatively, the area Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) /Members of Parliament (MPs) directly recommend the cases for social security pension. However there is no ceiling or quota. The recommended applications are submitted to the Deputy Commissioner of the concerned district who asks the Gender Resource Centres (GRCs) Samajik Suvidha Sangam Kendras (SKs) to verify the applications and resubmit the applications to the Deputy Commissioner Office for further action.

Old AgeBankMonth after approval
Persons with Special Needs BankMonth after approval
Family Benefit A/c payee cheque givenOne time assistance
Leprosy Patients--

Principal Secretary (Social Welfare & Women and Child Development)
Director (Social Welfare)



Public Information Officers (Department of Social Welfare)
First Appellate Authority (Department of Social Welfare)


Online Complaint (Public Grievances Commission) 
Complaint Form (Delhi Lokayukta)



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