Type Criteria
 Old age60-79 years of age
80 years and above
Below Poverty (Line)
Below Poverty (Line) 
40-79 years of age
Below Poverty (Line)
18-79 years of age

 Type Amount
 Old age ₹ 600 per month for 60-79 years of age
₹ 700 per month for 80 years and above
 Widow 600 per month
 Disability  600 per month

[Source: Video Volunteers]                                                              

Collect pensions from the post office savings account or from bank accounts.
All pension payment in the state are through banks and post offices. [Source: PEEP 2013]

     Director (Department of Labour, Employment and Training)
     Directorate (Department of Labour, Employment and Training)
     Joint director (Department of Labour, Employment and Training)

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