Type Criteria
 Old Age 
  •  60 years of age and above (Men)
  •  50 years of age and above (Women)
  •  Below Poverty Line (BPL)
  •  Must be a resident of the state for a period exceeding 10 years
  •  Must a citizen of India
 Disabled persons
  •  Disabled people between 18-65 years of age
  •  Resident of the state for a period exceeding 10 years
  •  With disability certificate issued by the state medical board
  •  The annual family income of the applicant must not be more than ₹  60,000
  •  If  the no. of applicants exceeds the fix number, preference will be depending  upon the degree and below poverty line
 Family Benefit
  •  18 - 64 years of age
  •  Death of the 'Primary bread winner'
  •  Below Poverty Line(BPL) 
 Maternity Benefit 
  •  19 years of age or above
  •  Restricted to pregnant women for up to the first two live births

 Old Age ₹ 75 per month
 Disabled persons Changes from year to year according to the availability of funds
 Family Benefit One time grant :
  ₹ 5,000 in case of natural death
  ₹10,000 in case of  death due to accident
 Maternity Benefit  ₹ 500 per month


All the application forms can be collected from the district Social Welfare Officer concerned.

 Type Supplementary Documents
 Old Age1. 2 attested recent passport size photographs
2. A medical certificate as an age proof
3. Income Certificate
 Disabled persons1. Disability Certificate (Issued by the State Medical Board for Disability Certificate)
2. Passport size photographs (3 copies)
3. Income Certificate (Issued by DC/SDC/SDO)
4. Brief Life History
5. Educational/Vocational qualification ,if any
6. Age Proof
 Family Benefit1.Death Certificate from registrar of Birth and Death/ Competent authority
2.Certificate from doctor disclosing the cause of death
3.Certificate from concerned municipal Councillor/ panchayat / village authority
4.SDO/SDC's report of/on - list of family members dependent on deceased(indicate sex and relationship)
                                    -Income certificate
5.Affidavit from magistrate supporting all the above facts
 Maternity Benefit1. Age Proof
2. BPL card
3. Certificate of pregnancy by an approved doctor


The completed application form should be submitted in the office of the District Social Welfare Officer concerned


The application in the prescribed forms will be invited by the Department of Social Welfare (different departments) from eligible candidates from time to time through advertisement in the local Dailies and other Medias. The eligible applications will be short-listed by the Department of Social Welfare, Govt. of Manipur on the basis of fulfillment the eligibility conditions.

The Director, Social Welfare Department, Government of Manipur, shall be the sanctioning authority. Payment will be made in cash to the beneficiaries. In case the disabled person is unable to collect the allowance, it may be collected by the guardian or relatives producing an authorization letter duly signed by the beneficiary.


The payment may be received by the beneficiaries in cash by the district social welfare officer concerned 





The sanctioning authority shall have the right to stop/recover payments made for all the schemes on the basis of false or mistaken information about eligibility or any other aspect



NSAP beneficiaries without bank accounts face deletion(Imphal Free Press , January 20, 2014)