Type Criteria
Old AgeAbove 55 years
WidowAbove 21 years
Deserted WomenDeserted for more than 7 years
Unmarried WomenAbove 40 years
EunuchsAbove 40 years

₹1000 per month for all the above

Old AgeIdentification, Income ₹24,000 and residence certificate
Attested copy of Birth Certificate or documentary proof of age
Attested copy of Ration Card/Identity Card
WidowSame as old age and
Attested copy of Death Certificate of the husband 
Deserted WomenSame as old age and
Certificate from the M.L.A. and Anganwadi Worker stating seven years of consecutive desertedness
Sworn affidavit 
Unmarried WomenSame as old age and
Sworn affidavit
EunuchsSame as old age and
Age proof
Medical certificate

Puducherry The Deputy Director (Social Defence) 
Old Age Pension Section 
Department of Women and Child Development, Puducherry
Kariakal The Child Development Project Officer, Kariakal
Mahe / YanamThe Welfare Officer, Mahe/ Yanam

The selection is periodical and depends on the vacancies and on the availability of funds


Mahe/ Yanam