Jammu and Kashmir

Weekly School Menu
 Mid Day Meal
 a) Pulses ( e.g Arhar Dal,) b.) Potato, Tomatoes, Onion(Mixed)

 a.) Pulses ( e.g Rumhaa Dal, /Masoor Dal) b.) Seasonal Vegetables( Combined at least three)

a) Pulses (e.g. Rajma Dal. /Channa Dal) b) Nutri and Tomatoes (Mixed)

a) Pulses (e.g. Moong Dal, ) b) Potato, Onion, Tomatoes ( Mixed)

 a) Meat/ Cheese b) Seasonal Leafy Vegetables (Mixed)

a) Pulses (e.g Beans/ Chola dal) b) Mixed leafy vegetables (Combination of three)
Eggs are being provided in low enrollment schools as an additional food item.