Campaign Material


"Who wants to be B.P.L?"

[Source: Jharkhand Right to Food Campaign]

Trial Surveys

2014: Verifications of the socio-economic and caste census (SECC) data were conducted based on "draft lists". These survey formats can be used to conduct similar verifications in other states.

2011: Trial Surveys using methodology proposed by MoRD/MHUPA
Videos of interviews with 'Zero Score' respondents (29 November 2011)
Report on the testing done on BPL survey format in Madhya Pradesh - English | Hindi
Report on BPL study in 25 villages of Kallahandi and Koraput in Odisha (Rajkishor Mishra)
Note on pilot survey conducted in two villages in Koraput district of Orissa (Odisha Khadya Adhikar Abhiyan)

Campaign Documents 

Kaun Banega Scorepati? - English -1 | English -2 | Hindi (Jean Drèze, 28 November 2011)
Right to Food Campaign's reply to MoRD's response to campaign's critique on SECC 2011 (26 November 2011)
Reply from MoRD on issues raised by RTF campaign on 16 August 2011 (24 October 2011)
Note by Movement for Peace and Justice on SECC 2011 - English | Hindi
Recommendations for halting ongoing survey made to Abhijit Sen Committee appointed by MoRD (1 September 2011)
Note submitted to MoRD in its consultation with the Advisory Committee on BPL Census 2011 (16 August 2011)
Critique of the BPL Census 2011 - English | Hindi | Download Hindi font
Critique of BPL Census 2011 (Ashok Khandelwal, Rozi-Roti Adhikar Abhiyan Rajasthan)
Critique of BPL Census 2011 by the Odisha Khadya Adhikar Abhiyan - English | Odia
Questionnaire for trial runs of the BPL survey (Updated from format of 1 July, 5 July 2011)
Saxena Committee and the BPL Survey Proposals: A few points on The Proposed BPL Survey 2011 (Manas Ranjan, Odisha Khadya Adhikaar Abhiyaan)
Presentation on the survey (Manas Ranjan, Odisha Khadya Adhikaar Abhiyaan)


Press release by Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan on the BPL in Mumbai (22 September 2011)
Report of protest by Karnataka Right to Food Campaign (23 September 2011)
Statement by Anna Adhikar Abhiyan opposing Planning Commission's poverty line
Protest against Planning Commission's poverty line (23 May 2011) Affidavit submitted by the Planning Commission in the Supreme Court with regard to the poverty line (29 March 2011)
NDTV interview with Jean Drèze, Pranab Sen, Mani Shankar Aiyar and Smriti Irani on the Planning Commission's poverty line (NDTV, 24 May 2011)