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Update (19 November 2010)

Right to Food Campaign and NAC
Rotting Grains, Supreme Court Orders and Campaign Protests
Dharna on National Food Security Act - 15th to 19th April
Important Articles

Update 51 (24 July 2007)

Supreme Court Order of July 9 2007 pertaining to ICDS.
Simlipal Malnutrition Deaths Fact-Finding Report
Land, Dignity and Freedom Footmarch: Chauri-Chaura Declaration
Launch of website: www.mediaforrights.org
ICDS Bolangir audit report
Impact of Commissioners' Work - Letter from Madhya Pradesh.

Update 50 (14 February 2007)

Right to Food Annual Convention, April 6-8 2007, Bodhgaya
National Health Assembly II, March 23-25 2007, Bhopal
Public Comments Sought On Unorganised Workers Social Security Bill 2007
Public Notice - Central Vigilance Committee On Public Distribution System
Second National Workshop On Social Audit in NREGA Works
Bal Adhikar Samvad Report

Update 49 (3 November 2006) Seminars organized by the RTF campaign at the Indian Social Forum, 2006:

Poverty Estimation and Identification
Children's Right to Food
National Rural Employment Guarantee Act: Reviewing the Past, Planning for the FutureRelated seminars by others:
Campaign Issues In Child Health - 2006: Organized by Jan Swasthya Abhiyan
Judiciary against People: Recent Trends of the Supreme Court of India: Human Rights Law Network, New Delhi/ India Centre for Human Rights and Law
Our Development and Our Rights: Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti
Caste and Class Attack on Dalit Land Rights: National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights
Land and Livelihood Rights: Ekta Parishad and Partners
National Tribunal on NREGA: National Conference of Dalit Organisations
The Construction Workers Act: National Campaign Committee for Unorganised Sector Workers
Privatisation of Water: NAPM

Update 48 (13 October 2006)

Anganwadi Divas Update
Annual Convention of the Right to Food Campaign
Rozgar Adhikar Yatra, Madhya Pradesh
Ekta Parishad Update
EGA is Proving to be Otherwise for Tribals , Betul distt.,
Maharashtra Right to Food Cases
People's Tribunal on Right to Food, Varanasi Uttar Pradesh
Special Announcements

Update 47 (September 27 2006)

Ekta Parishad: Chetavni Yatra
NACDOR's `March Against Poverty'
NREGA Implementation Status in Giridih (Jharkhand)
MP Employment Guarantee Scheme: Inclusion of the Differently Abled
Political economy of pre-launch preparedness of NREGA in Kerala by J. Chathukulam and K. Gireesan (a summary)
Special Announcements
Recent Writings of Interest

Update 46 (August 31 2006)

NREGA Worker's Union
Initiatives by Disha (Gujarat)
News from PBKMS
Children's RTF updates
Brief Announcements
Recent Writings of Interest

Update 45 (August 5 2006)

Hunger Deaths
Tribals Fighting A Battle for Inclusion in BPL Lists: Betul, Madhya Pradesh.
Padyatra in Sant Ravidas Nagar Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh
A Significant Victory for RTI in Orissa
Disability and NREGS in Badhwani, M.P.
Recent Writings of Interest

Update 44 (July 16, 2006)

RTFC Secretariat
Hyderabad Convention Report
Supreme Court Update
Commissioners Update
Public Distribution System
11 th Plan (Planning Commission)
National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
Violence against JADS in Barwani
Forest Rights Bill
Website update
Recent writings of interest

Update 43: Convention Follow-up (January 1, 2006)

Kolkata Convention on the Right to Food and Work
Primers and Other Campaign Material
Follow-Up Activities
Children's Right to Food
Supreme Court Update
Commissioners' Advisors Wake Up
Sixth Report of the Commissioners
Legal Action in High Courts
Caste Discrimination in Mid-day Meals
Forest Rights Bill
Website Update

Update 42: Convention Special (November 7, 2005)

Final Announcement (please circulate widely)
Convention Programme
Venue and How to Reach
Staying Arrangements
Local Preparations for the Convention

Update 41: National Convention on Right to Food and Work (October 17, 2005)

National Convention on the Right to Food and Work
"Employment Guarantee Act" - Recent Developments
New Primer on the Employment Guarantee Act
Draft Primers on Mid-day Meals and ICDS
New Studies on Mid-day Meals
Massive "Jamin Adhikar" Rally (Surat, 20th September)
Recent Reports of Hunger Deaths
Workshop on Court Orders (Nagpur 16-18 September)
New Study on Caste Discrimination in Food Programmes
Right to Information Act Comes into Force

Update 40: Countdown for Employment Guarantee (August 16, 2005)

Call for action: Dharna at Jantar Mantar (New Delhi) on 18 August
Employment Guarantee Act: Key documents
Selected articles

Update 39: Rozgar Adhikar Yatra to begin on 13 May (April 7, 2005)

Rozgar Adhikar Yatra (May-June 2005)
Report from Udaipur Training
Mid Day Meals: New Studies Galore
"Mid-day Meal Handbook" Makes Headway
IMS Act SAved
Child Rights and the Union Budget 2005-6
Delhi Breakthrough in PDS Accountability
New Campaign Secretariat
Forthcoming Events
(1) The 2005-6 Budget
(2) Mid-Day meals approach universal coverage
(3) Recent Supreme court hearings
(4) Saving the "IMS Act"
(5) Gujarat: Right to Food Convention (6-7 December, 2004)
(6) Delhi: Brutal attack on Parivartan activist
(7) Madhya Pradesh: Huger-related deaths in Sheopur
(8) Karnataka: News from Jagrutha Mahila Sangathan
(9) Cycle yatra (Mahad to Delhi) to begin on 20 March
(10) Reminder: Meetings on 9 March and 10 March in Delhi
(11) Other forthcoming events
(1) Saving the employment guarantee act
(2) Banner display in delhi on 21 december
(3) Possible follow-up meeting on 22 december
Appendix: Toothless guarantee
(1) EGA banners to be displayed on 21 December
(2) State-level consultations on EGA continue
(3) Bihar: Right to Information dharna in Madhepura
(4) Chhattisgarh: Draft Law to de-privatize the PDS
(5) Madhya Pradesh: Commissioners ignored
(6) Uttar Pradesh: Commissioners' intervention brings relief
(7) Reports on starvation deaths in MP and Rajasthan
(8) Uttar Pradesh: "Janata Jaanch" campaign begins
(9) Maharashtra: Ration cards for the urban homeless
(10) Third steering group meeting
(11) National Food for Work programme launched
(12) AIDWA's first national convention
(13) Forthcoming events
(1) Supreme court orders on ICDS
(2) Mid-day meals update
(3) NAFRE launches campaign on common schooling and the right to work
(4) Employment Guarantee update
(5) Update on the "Banners Project"
(6) All India Peoples Dignity rally on 5 December
(7) Recap of forthcoming events
(1) Feedback from 16 October
(2) EGA Convention in Delhi (19 October)
(3) December ka Dhamaka (Human Rights Day)
(4) Banner project
(5) "EGA Made Simple"
(6) Latest material on EGA
(7) Indefinite fast begins in Aurangabad
(8) What is happening to the draft Act? 

Update 32: Employment Guarantee Special (October 13, 2004)

(1) Latest material on employment guarantee
(2) Convention on employment guarantee (19 September 2004)
(3) Follow-up convention on 19 October (Delhi)
(4) Plans for the Day of Action on 16 October
(5) Demonstrations in Sonebhadra on 10-11 October
(6) Important petition on EGA
(7) Steering group meeting on 30 October 

Update 31 (Part 2) (July 2004)

(1) Highlights of the Bhopal Convention 
(2) Key Decisions of the Concluding Plenary
(3) Steering Group to Meet on 22 August 
(4) Draft Employment Guarantee Act to be Released  
(5) Field Surveys of ICDS
(6) Starvation Deaths in West Bengal and Maharashtra
(7) Website renamed and upgraded 

Update 31 (Part 1) (July 2004)

(1) Employment Guarantee Act drafted
(2) Deliberations of the National Advisory Council
(3) Forthcoming convention in Delhi (19 September)
(4) Day of action for the right to work (16 October)
(5) State convention in Jaipur (28 September)
(6) Social security for unorganised workers
(1) Supreme court issues sweeping orders on child nutrition
(2) National convention on the right to food and work (11-13 June)
(3) Food issues in the "common minimum programme"
(4) Maharashtra: public hearing on right to health care
(1) Announcement of National convention of Right to Food Campaign
(2) Election related materials available

Update 29 (March 15, 2004)

(1) Convention on the Right to Food and Work (Bhopal, 11-13 June)
(2) Supreme Court cracks the whip on Mid-Day Meals
(3) Bihar and Jharkhand: Commisioners' intervention on ICDS
(4) NAPM Biannual COnvention (May 22-24)
(5) Delhi: Anti-corruption struggle picks up
(6) Karnataka: Launch of Karnataka Election Watch Committee
(7) West Bengal: Campaign on right to work
(8) Maharashtra: Right to food and elections
(9) Maharashtra: Urban homeless to get ration cards after commissioners' intervention
(10) Chhattisgarh: Korwa Mahapanchayat
(11) Update on election-related materials
(1) Drive to prepare election-related campaign materials
(2) Forthcoming: public hearing on health
(3) NAPM activists launch into electoral politics
(4) Campaign for democratic India
(5) Focus on young children
(6) Website update

Update 27 (February 2004)

(1) Mumbai: planning future activities
(2) West bengal: starvation rolled back in abandoned tea gardens
(3) Karnataka: social audit of supreme court orders
(4) Delhi: forthcoming rally for the right to health
(5) Rajasthan: pds dealers disrupt review meeting
(6) Commissioners" update
(7) Bihar: murder of land rights activists sparks public protests
(1) Jharkhand: further action on mid-day meals
(2) Rajasthan: truck yatra rolls on
(3) Delhi: linking the right to food with the right to information
(4) West bengal: complaints and redressal
(5) Maharashtra: campaign follows up on antyodaya cards for priority groups
(6) Maharashtra: rally for better drought relief
(7) Chhattisgarh: right to work draft bill
(8) Website address
(9) Miscellaneous

Update 23 (September 2003)

(1) Delhi: parivartan"s campaign for an accountable pds
(2) Bharawan (U.P.): struggle for transparency and accountability
(3) Right to work update
(4) Towards the right to health
(5) Mid-day meals update
(6) Dalits and mid-day meals
(7) Home ministry says no to ration cards for the homeless
(8) Dhar (M.P.): dalit women"s struggle for fair wages and employment
(9) Commissioners" update

Update 22 (August 2003)

(1) Dharana in jaipur for right to work
(2) Mid-day meals in karnataka " the caste trouble
(3) Public hearing in west bengal
(4) Dharana in madhya pradesh over corruption in relief works
(5) Orissa - joint enquiry report on irregularities in employment programmes

Update 21 (July 2003)

(1) Mr. Sankaran swings into action
(2) Commissioners: brief overview
(3) The machine menace
(4) From monitoring to redressal
(5) Constructive advice: another role of the commissioners
(6) Madhya Pradesh takes the lead

Update 20 (July 2003)

(1) Mid-day meal update
(2) Update on recent public hearings
(3) Madhya pradesh: corruption in relief works
(4) Orissa: consultation on the right to food
(5) Violations of the right to food in u.p.
(6) Commissioner to visit uttar pradesh
(7) Reminder: Bhopal workshop on undernutrition and starvation
(8) Website upgrade

Update 19 (June 2003)

(1) Training workshop on documenting starvation deaths
(2) Mr. Sankaran joins as Commissioner of the Supreme Court
(3) Public hearing in Sendwa (M.P): Adivasis demand the right to work
(4) Public hearing in Shivpuri (M.P.): The Sahariya Predicament
(5) Public hearing in Dindori (M.P.): On the spot redressal
(6) Public hearing in Kerpai (Orissa)
(7) Remembering Dr. Om Shrivastava

Update 18 (May 2003)

(1) Exposing corruption in relief works: public hearing in Chittaurgarh, Rajasthan (28 may 2003)
(2) Against the use of machines in `relief works': public hearing in Barwani district, Madhya Pradesh (29 may 2003)
(3) Sahariyas stand up for the right to life: public hearing in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh (30 may 2003)
(4) Exploitation of tribals: public hearing in Kalahandi (4 june 2003)
(5) Predicament of "primitive tribes" and "forest villages": public hearing in Dindori, Madhya Pradesh (June 2003)
(6) The importance of public hearings

Update 17 (May 2003)

(1) "Sangharsh Sabha" appeals to trade unions to take up right to work
(2) Plans for massive rally in Jaipur to press for an employment guarantee act (13 June, 2003)
(3) Commissioner's campaign against use of labour-displacing machines in public works
(4) Notes from the Supreme Court hearing on may 1, 2003

Update 16 (May 2003)

(1) Landmark order of the Supreme Court

(1) Campaign Plans in ...
(a) West Bengal
(b) Karnataka
(c) Rajasthan
(d) Madhya Pradesh
(e) Orissa
(2) Campaign Plans of the Commissioner !
(3) AIDWA Demands Right to Work
(4) A Flashback into the Right to Work Campaign of the 80's
(5) The Missing Pieces
(a) Chattisgarh and Jharkhand

Update 14 (April 2003)

(1) AIDWA dharna (24 april, 2003)
(2) Supreme court hearing postponed
(3) Third report of the commissioner
(4) Madhya pradesh: campaign stepped up
(5) Uttar pradesh: RTF consultation, 10 may 2003
(6) Your plans for the week of action

Update 13: Website special (April 2003)

Update 12 (March 2003)

(1) Second report of the commissioner
(2) Uttar pradesh: struggle for right to food and information
(3) Orissa: further public hearings
(4) Karnataka: model social audits planned
(5) Extension of mid-day meals to summer vacation
(6) Rajasthan: employment restrictions rolled back
(7) FIAN seminar in Delhi
(8) Antyodaya programme to be expanded
(9) Plans for week of action from madhya pradesh and karnataka
(10) Maharashtra: demand for increased spending on health and nutrition
(11) "Women's Right to Food and Work" - theme of women's day in West Bengal
(12) More activities in Madhya Pradesh

Update 11 (March 2003)

(1) Week of action on right to work: Update
(2) Rajasthan: right to work campaign takes off
(3) Dharna for the right to work (Jaipur, 3 February)
(4) NAPM yatra marches on

Update 10 (March 2003)

(1) Second report of the commissioner
(2) Uttar pradesh: struggle for right to food and information
(3) Orissa: further public hearings
(4) Karnataka: model social audits planned
(5) Extension of mid-day meals to summer vacation
(6) Rajasthan: employment restrictions rolled back
(7) FIAN seminar in Delhi
(8) Antyodaya programme to be expanded
(9) Plans for week of action from Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka
(10) Maharashtra: demand for increased spending on health and nutrition
(11) "Women's right to food and work" - theme of women's day in West Bengal
(12) More activities in Madhya Pradesh

Update 9 (December 2002)

(1) Public hearing in Kelwada (Rajasthan), 4th December
(2) Survey of food schemes by Anna Adhikar Abhiyan in Maharashtra
(3) Workshop on the right to food in Baba Amte Centre, M.P.
(4) AIDWA protests across the country on human rights day
(5) Right to work bill tabled in the parliament
(6) Padyatras and rally in Jharkhand
(7) International guidelines on the Right to Food
(8) Another evaluation of mid-day meals in Rajasthan
(9) Right to food and the "Asian Social Forum" (2-7 Jan, 2003)

Update 8 (December 2002)

(1) Social Audit On Food Security (Kelwara, Rajasthan, 4 Dec)
(2) Madhya Pradesh: Right To Food And Right To Work
(3) Karnataka: Mid-Day Meals And Social Audits
(4) International Guidelines On The Right To Food
(5) Orissa: Official Instructions To Prevent Starvation
(6) Reminder: "Living With Hunger" (Delhi, 10 Jan 2003)
(7) Other Reminders

Update 7 (November 2002)

(1) E-Group: Technical Snag
(2) Rally For Mid-Day Meals In Lucknow (14 Nov)
(3) Mid-Day Meal To Begin In West Bengal
(4) Mid-Day Meals In Karnataka And Maharashtra
(5) Public Hearings In Maharashtra
(6) Asian Social Forum And The Right To Food (2-7 Jan 2003)
(7) Rtf Consultation In Madhya Pradesh (25 Nov)
(8) Public Hearing In Orissa (27 Nov)
(9) Consultation On The Right To Food (Lucknow, 22 Nov)
(10) AIDWA Planning Demos On Human Rights Day (10 Dec)
(11) Update On Forthcoming Events In Jharkhand
(12) Living With Hunger" (10 Jan 2003)

Update 6 (November 2002)

(1) Latest Supreme Court Hearing (29 October, 2002)
(2) Starvation In Baran: Action Continues
(3) Jharkhand: Forthcoming Events
(4) Uttar Pradesh: Public Rally On Children's Day (14 November)
(5) Orissa: Public Hearing On 28 November
(6) Asia Social Forum (Hyderabad, 2-7 January 2003)
(7) Public Hearing On "Living With Hunger" (Delhi, 10 January 2003)
(8) Campaign Website Upgraded
(9) Digest Of Mails - A New Feature
(10) Reminders

Update 5 (October 2002)

(1) Public Hearing And Workshop In Orissa
(2) Rajasthan Rally, Starvation Deaths
(3) PUCL Petition In Allahabad
(4) Nov. 14th In Lucknow
(5) Starvation Deaths " Jan 10
(6) Punjab Starts Cooked MDMS
(7) Hearing
(8) Other Mails
(9) Rajasthan News

Update 4 (October 2002)

(1) Further Progress On Mid-Day Meals
(2) State Governments Reply To The Commissioners
(3) Agitations Planned On Children"s Day (14 November)
(4) Public Hearings On Hunger And The Right To Food
(5) Maharashtra: "Anna Adhikar Abhiyan" Launched
(6) Recent Additions To The Website
(7) Reminders

Update 3 (September 2002)

(1) Mid-Day Meals: Supreme Court Pulls Up "Delinquent States"
(2) Further Progress With The Proposal For "Ending Destitution"
(3) West Bengal: Workshop On The Right To Food And Work
(4) Pondichery: Breakfast Scheme Runs Into Trouble
(5) Starvation Deaths In Karnataka And Orissa
(6) Reminders

Update 2 (August 2002)

(1) Further Progress With The Application On "Ending Destitution"
(2) National Meeting On "Monitoring And Redressal"Procedures
(3) Work On The Monitoring System Starts
(4) Orissa: Survey Of Mid-Day Meals And ICDS
(5) Karnataka: Status Of Mid-Day Meal Scheme
(6) West Bengal: Official Harassment In Puruliya
(7) Uttar Pradesh: Children Agitate For Mid-Day Meals
(8) Rajasthan: "Akal Sangharsh Samiti" Revived With A Bang

Update 1 (August 2002)

(1) The Right To Food Campaign's Foundation "Statement"
(2) Survey Of Anna Antyodaya Yojana Completed
(3) A Proposal To End Starvation
(4) Supreme Court Hearing To Resume Soon
(5) Commissioners Appointed By The Supreme Court
(6) Setting Up A Monitoring Process
(7) Meetings With Food Minister, Finance Minister, Etc.
(8) Progress Of Mid-Day Meal Programmes
(9) Campaign Website
(10) Writ Petitions In High Courts
(11) Public Hearing On Right To Food In Palamau
(12) Jharkhand: Campaign Stepped Up At All Levels
(13) Special Issue Of "Combat Law" On The Right To Food
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