This page presents short videos and documentaries prepared by right to food activists or well-wishers of the right to food campaign. To share any other videos of interest please send a line to

[Source: Amnesty International, 2010]

Right to Food Yatra, Devgarh (Rajasthan), October 2012

[Source: Kabir, 2009]

Right to Food Yatra, Kotra (Rajasthan), 2012

Right to Information: Short film by Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan
[Source: Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan]

Janane ka Haque: Right to Information song by Vinay and Charul
[Source: RTI Gujarat, 2009]                                                                     

Modi's Doublespeak: Universal Food Security 
[Source: Secretariat RTF Campaign, 2014]

How Free Lunches Have Helped India's Primary Schools
[Source: Journeyman Pictures, 2010]

Working Hands: Documentary on the National Employment Guarantee Act, 2005
[Source: Manasi Pingle, 2014]

Life and Freedom: Film on Malnutrition among Tribals in Madhya Pradesh
[Source: Vikas Samvad, 26 Jan 2013]

Video Volunteers has produced a vast collection of 2 minute videos on issues of hunger and the right to food from across India. Here are a handful.

[Source: Video Volunteers, 2011]

[Source: Video Volunteers, 2013]

[Source: Video Volunteers, 2013]

[Source: Video Volunteers, 2012]

[Source: Video Volunteers, 2012]