The EHA website hosts a number of state-level advocacy manuals on a range of entitlements to support  rights-holders to secure their entitlements. Several of these are relevant to the Right to Food and other related entitlements for example, the Right to Work, the Right to Information. Practical information on the Right to Health, Education, Land, Forests, Sanitation and others are also available. Feel free to download, implement, advocate, modify, use the information in these manuals - they are not copyrighted. 

To read more on the genesis of these unique manuals, please see here. The manuals are also available in English here or its Hindi equivalent here

If you find any errors/ inaccuracies in these manual, or have any suggestions for additions, kindly write to Mark Delaney at markdel[at] to make any alterations. [Credit: Mark Delaney for generously creating and sharing the latest versions of these manuals] 

Delhi (December 2015) 

Bihar (Version 6, January 2016) 

Uttarakhand (Version 3, January 2016) 

Uttar Pradesh  (Version 3, January 2016) 

West Bengal (Version 9, January 2016)