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Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005

National Rural Employment Guarantee Act [Hindi] (passed in the Lok Sabha on 23 August, 2005)

Schedule I and II with amendments as of 4 May 2012 (English / Hindi

Other amendments | Index of Amendments

New MGNREGA wage rates, applicable from 1st April 2014


Kaam Mango Abhiyan (March 2014) 

NREGA job card registration form (Hindi) (MS-Word document; requires kruti dev 10 font)

Individual work application form [Hindi]

Group work application form [Hindi]

Compensation / Unemployment Allowance

Delays in Wage Payments: A Toolkit 

Relevant Section of the Payment of Wages Act, 1936 

Relevant sections of the NREGA 

Evidence of delays in wage payments 

Application form for delayed wage payments [Hindi]

Official Documents

MGNREGA Sameeksha - An anthology of research studies on the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005: 2006-2012 (MoRD, GOI, 2012)

Unlocking Human Capital: Entitlements and Governance - a case study (Report of the Second Administrative Reforms Commission, chaired by M. Veerappa Moily, July 2006)


Increase in household entitlement to 150 days for Schedule Tribe MGNREGA workers in forest areas (Jan 2014)

Job card applications and work will not be denied due to non-possession of bank accounts or aadhaar number (Feb 2014)

MGNREGA operational Guidelines, 4th Edition, 2013 (English / Hindi)

Other Guidelines and Circulars

Briefing Booklet (English / Hindi (Jan 2013)

National Rural Employment Guarantee Act: Official Guidelines (2008)

State EGA schemes: forms and guidelines

Code of conduct regarding the implementation of NREGA during elections (Election Commission, 16 March 2006) [JPG]

State EGA schemes: a comparative analysis (Tanushree Sood, June 2006)

EGA Guidelines (Ministry of Rural Development): simplified table prepared by the Right to Food campaign (Tanushree Sood, July 2006)

NREGA Districts

List of districts covered by the NREGA (2009) 

Initial list of 200 districts covered by the NREGA (December 2005)

New districts to be covered under NREGA (excluding UP) (March 2007)

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