National Food Security Act


The National Food Security Act, 2013 enacted by Parliament on September 12, 2013 brings under one umbrella several existing and new entitlements aimed at providing food security. State governments have announced different dates for the rollout of the Act, but all are bound to implement it within 365 days i.e. by 5 July 2014.

Prior to the passage of the Act, the Right to Food Campaign had formulated a set of common “essential demands” relating to the forthcoming National Food Security Act after a series of consultations culminating in a day–long convention held in Delhi on 17th September 2009. Based on these demands, the campaign formulated its own draft Right to Food Act and, later on, a critique of the National Food Security Act 2013 (English | Hindi). 

For further information on various aspects of the Act, including state-specific information, see also other relevant sections on the left-hand sidebar, for example school meals or public distribution system.

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