Bodhgaya Convention 2007

The Third National Convention on the Right to Food and Work was held in Bodhgaya from 6-8 April, 2007. The programme was prepared by the steering group of the Right to Food Campaign, with the support of various campaign members. The earlier two conventions were held in Bhopal (2004) and Kolkata (2005), with participation growing with every convention. The Bodhgaya Convention witnessed participation from over 800 individuals coming from 22 states of the country, comprising representatives of national level civil society organizations and networks, non-governmental organizations, village level grassroots organizations, students and other interested citizens. Over twenty states were represented at the Convention.A wide range of issues were discussed during the three-day meeting including the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA), the public distribution system, children’s right to food, social exclusion, unorganized sector workers, hunger deaths, the agrarian crisis, coercive displacement, divisive policies such as ‘BPL targeting’, and struggles for the right to food in Bihar policies such as the BPL surveys, among others. Presentations were made on the status of the right to food campaign in various states. A half-day session on organizational aspects of the Right to Food Campaign was also held.

Report and Concluding Statement

Concluding Resolution

Note on organizational issues: suggestions from the steering group


Covering note

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