Delhi Bal Adhikar Samvad 2006

'Bal Adhikar Samvad' was conducted on the sunny winter day of 19th December 2006. A daylong meeting, it saw participation of more than 800 people, from about 13 states. The presence of such varied participation was evident by the colourful banners, posters, slogans and photographs that the different groups had brought with them to display at the venue. 

The main aim of the Bal Adhikar Samvad was to focus public attention and encourage debate on the need to ensure the nutritional, health and educational rights of children under six.

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Bal Adhikar Samvad Report: A Wake Up Call for Children Under Six

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At the Bal Adhikar Samvad, the FOCUS (Focus on Children Under Six) report was also launched.

Focus on Children Under Six (FOCUS report, December 2006)

Focus on Children Under Six (Hindi) (FOCUS report, December 2006)

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