Advisors to Commissioners

In several states, "advisors" have been nominated by the Commissioners to assist them in their work with reference to the concerned state. The main tasks of the adviser are to update the Commissioners on any relevant developments in their state; to monitor the implementation of Supreme Court orders on the right to food; to liaise with local individuals and organisations working on the right to food; to conduct or facilitate enquiries in situations where violations of Supreme Court orders have been reported; to take up these issues and complaints with the state government; to convey to the Commissioners any unresolved appeals for intervention that may be made in the state; to work towards a more effective monitoring and redressal system within the state.

If you are involved in the right to food campaign, you may wish to liaise with your state advisor. The potential effectiveness of interventions from the Commissioners and their advisors has already been amply demonstrated in several states (see Campaign Updates section). Reports from state advisors are available in the section on Field Reports.

A list of state advisors as of 3 February 2008 is available here.