Pamphlets are a useful way to spread the word about the campaign and the issues it addresses, especially during rallies and dharnas. Feel free to download, print, and circulate the pamphlets posted below. To buy printed copies at cost price, send a line to

National Food Security Act, 2013

National Food Security Act: Summary (English | Hindi) 

National Food Security Act: Summary and Campaign Demands (English | Hindi | Gujarati )

Rural Employment Guarantee Act

NREGA Slogans  

NREGA Placards 

Job Card Holder's Entitlements (Hindi)

Adhikar Ka Adhikar - Kam ka adhikar [Short version] (Ram Bahadur Verma)


A 'PEEP' at Pension Schemes (PEEP, 2014) 

Cash Transfers

Ration ya Cash (Hindi)

World Social Forum, 2004

This section contains background material on several issues related to the Right to Food. Much of this material was prepared for events such as the World Social Forum, as well as public hearings and conventions around the rights to food and work.

Living with Hunger [ Hindi ]

Background documents prepared for a public hearing on hunger and the right to food, Delhi, 10 January 2003

Briefing Note on the Right to Work
This preliminary briefing note was prepared in April 2003. It examines the content, working, and impact of Maharashtra's pioneering "employment guarantee scheme", makes the case for a similar employment guarantee programme at the national level.

Mid-day meals in Primary Schools
This booklet was prepared for the World Social Forum in January 2004.

Work for All at a Living Wage: Towards an Employment Guarantee Act [ Word ]
This booklet was prepared in January 2004 for the World Social Forum in Mumbai. It includes the note received from the Paschim Banga Khet Majoor Samity, along with an article by Jean Drèze articulating the basic rationale for a legally guaranteed "right to work". In addition, it includes a description of the salient features of Maharashtra's EGA (provided by the Government of Maharashtra); a summary of the draft Rajasthan EGA prepared by citizen's groups; and a Hindi pamphlet on the right to work.

Sourcebook for the Convention on Right to Work (Sept 19, 2004) [Hindi]
This sourcebook contains a briefing note, a draft Employment Guarantee Act (dated September 1, 2004), comments received on the draft Act, and an article on the EGA by Jayati Ghosh.

Factsheet on employment guarantee
There are several versions of factsheets on employment guarantee prepared by different people. This version, prepared by Anuradha Talwar for the Convention on EGA (19 Sept 2004), is the latest in the series.

Kam Ka Adhikar
This booklet by Panini Anand explores basic issues related to the employment guarantee.