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Songs by Vinay and Charul (Loknaad) at the 5th National Convention of the Right to Food Campaign, March 2014 

हम लोग, We the People (Lyrics)  

Songs by Anand Panini

Gandhi Tere Desh Mein  - Lyrics | Watch online | Download

Roti Kaise Banti Hai? - Lyrics | Watch online | Download

Mera Desh Bhookha Hain - Lyrics | Watch online | Download


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Below are the scripts of a few "street plays" on issues related to the right to food and the right to work. There are many versions of the scripts, as these street plays tend to be developed largely by improvisation and accretion. For the same reason the scripts do not have well-identified authors. All we know is that important contributions have been made by Alarippu, Panini Anand, Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan, Pradeep Bhargava, Rajeev Ashish, and Shankar Singh, among many others.

Note that all these plays are in Hindi.

Janta Ki Kursi

Khazana (MKSS)


Toote Ghar