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Application form (For all the the pension schemes)



All the application forms are to be submitted officer in-charge at the local office


All the applications are submitted to the officer in-charge at the local block office. After proper verification and monitoring of the documents it is further delegated to the officer at the division joint who has the authority to issue the amount of the pension. Lastly, the request is forwarded to the treasury department and bank respectively where the disbursement of the amount of pension takes place.

Pensions fixed at monthly rates are payable monthly on and after the first day of the following month. Provided that when there is a variation in the rate of a pension consequent on the disbursement of the commuted value of a portion thereof, pension for the broken part of the month at the original rate may be paid before the end of month.If the first day(including Sunday) of the following month is a Public Holiday on which Pensions are not disbursed at the treasury , the Collector may, if he thinks fit, direct the Payment of Pension to be made on the last working day of the month to which the pension relates except in the case Pension for the month of March which shall be paid on or after the first working day of the succeeding month


Commissioner, Social Justice (Department of Social Justice and Welfare)

Call Center (Madhya Pradesh Government)


Social Justice and Welfare Department, Madhya Pradesh


[Source: PEEP Survey 2013 ]     Public Information Officers


Public Grievance Redressal



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