60-80 years

Above 80 years

 ₹300 per month

 ₹500 per month

 300 per month

 300 per month

 10,000 one time payment


Selection of beneficiaries are done in a transparent manner, in the presence of villagers and elected representatives of Gram Panchayat. The concerned officer submits the filled-in forms in the Block office. The information are computerized at Block level. Color-coded application forms and receipts will then be issued to different categories. E-transfer of fund is done by District Social Welfare Office (DSWOs) to each Block and they are then distributed to beneficiaries in hundred rupees domination. The Sub-collector supervises the distribution of pension and submits report to DSWO. Annual verification is done by Collectors and the reports are reviewed in the Collectors’ meeting.


Pension disbursed in cash at G.P head quarters on a fixed date i.e 15th of each month


[Source: Video Volunteers

[Source: Video Volunteers]                                                                  


Commissioner-cum-secretary (Department of Women and Child Development)

Director (Department of Women and Child Development)


Department of Women and Child Development


Sanjog Helpline

Call: 18003456770/155335

Email: grievance@sanjoghelpline.in

Fax: 0674-2567842

Online Complaint


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Annual Report Odisha (2011-12)

District-wise number of beneficiaries (2010-11)


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