Rourkela Convention 2010

The fourth National Convention on the Right to Food and Work was held in Rourkela from 6-8 August, 2010. The programme was prepared by the steering group of the Right to Food Campaign, with the support of various campaign members. The earlier three conventions were held in Bhopal (2004), Kolkata (2005) and Bodhgaya (2007) with participation growing with every convention. More than 2500 participants from 18 states participated in the Rourkela Convention. Participants included individual activists, academicians, journalists and representatives of people’s movements, dalit movements, tribal movements, women’s movements, trade unions, struggles against displacement, those marginalised due to their gender and sexual identities, network of single women’s organisations, child rights networks, disability network etc. The Convention discussed issues related to hunger, food security and its determinants, control over resources such as land, forests and water, the proposed National Food Security Act of the Government, food and livelihood schemes of the government and right to food in areas of conflict and displacement. The Convention was a mix of plenary sessions and 22 parallel workshops which discussed diverse issues in detail.

Invitation [Hindi]

Programme [Hindi]

Detailed Workshop Resolutions [Condensed] [Hindi]